Korea Camp

Korea Camp

We can share our Korean culture, traditions, and mind through various activities such as games, academy, and messages.

1. Korean traditions

By experiencing the old Korean culture, one can learn and think about the lifestyle of their past.

2. Korean Language Class

Learn basic Korean through various programs such as Korean songs, and dialogues in different areas.

3. Mind Lectures

Everyone has a heart and a mind of their own and this mind defines the person. Just as there is a path for everything, there is a way in which the mind flows. Learn about the path of the mind through professionals from the International Mind Education Institute.

4. Calligraphy

A good stroke of the brush comes from a calm heart and concentration. Through calligraphy one can learn about the mind of Korea.

5. Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a martial art and a sport based on the Korean traditional martial arts. Through this one can express the spirit of Korea.

6. Scavenger Hunt

We can become closer to one another through solving the fun missions such as Korean games and the games from Korean variety TV shows.

Korean Language School

There aren’t only regular Korean classes! There are special classes where you can experience Korean traditions and lifestyle.

1. Korean Class

i. Basic course
Learn the basic alphabets and the basic conversations through friendly and fun way.
ii. Intermediate course
Learn the grammar and vocabulary to construct the sentences and learn the examples. Learn about the conversations that are used in various situations.
iii. Advanced course
Learn how to speak like a native Korean and the phrases that are used in real life. Learn to be able to translate and interpret Korean.

2. Traditional culture class

This class is intended to learn Korean traditions and courtesy.
Learn how to wear Han-bok which is the traditional costume of Korea, how to bow down to the elderly people, how to use chopsticks, tea ware with tea ceremony etiquette, and etc.

3. History Class

Learn the modern history and the remarkable histories of Korea through historical people and learn the cultures with historical background