Christmas Musical Tour

Christmas Musical Tour

The musical ‘Christmas Miracle’ is a beautifully crafted musical performance which is rich, inspiring, and touching. Experience the world-class music and theater, as well as a powerful message that will move your heart.

1. Review of the Christmas Miracle Europe Tour 2016
- The Christmas Miracle was hosted in 13 different cities across the Europe and spread true happiness to them.

- Cities that hosted the Christmas Miracle Europe Tour 2016:
Germany(Göttingen, Regensburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt),
Macedonia(Shtip), Albania(Tirana), Bulgaria(Plovdiv), Romania(Bucharest), Hungary(Budapest),
Poland(Warsaw), Netherland(Amsterdam), France(Paris)

- Message from the audience
(1) “The activities of these young people gave me a deep inspiration. We need such activity like this in the society of today which is full of conflicts and selfishness. The passion of the youths’ unfolding in the uttermost parts of the world are the base of our society. So, I believe that the Christmas Musical of today will present us with a gift”
–Mayor of Düsseldorf, Germany

(2) “The actors seemed to sing from the hearts. Very much well done and this touched my heart. I saw the result of many long practices and this made me so happy and touching”
- Brigette Ewerhardt, audience from Berlin, Germany

(3) “Today, I had the best time of my life. This performance and the message was so touching and beautiful. I was able to see that the actors and staffs who performed today prepared everything with all their hearts and I was so thankful that they came to Albania. The performance today gave me a precious memory that I will never forget and I was able to meet so many good people. I wish to do many more events with IYF” – Angjelina, volunteer from Albania

2. Preview of the Christmas Miracle Europe Tour 2017
- The Christmas Miracle Europe Tour 2017 is scheduled to be held in 25 cities all over Europe

Date - 14/11/2017
City - Wien
1. Date - 19/11/2017
City - Plovdiv
2. Date - 20/11/2017
City - Sofia
Date - 26/11/2017
City - Zagreb
Date - 13/11/2017
City - Praha
Date - 15/12/2017
City - Helsinki
Date - 07/12/2017
City - Paris
1. Date - 12/11/2017
City - Göttingen
2. Date - 29/11/2017
City - Regensburg
3. Date - 06/12/2017
City - Düsseldorf
Date - 15/11/2017
City - Budapest
Date - 27/11/2017
City - Rome
Date - 02/12/2017
City - Riga
Date - 24/11/2017
City - Skopje
Date - 05/12/2017
City - Amsterdam
Date - 01/12/2017
City - Warsaw
Date - 17/11/2017
City - Bucharest
Date - 18/11/2017
City - Istanbul
1. Date - 09/12/2017
City - London
2. Date - 10/12/2017
City - Edinburgh
Date - 25/11/2017
City - Beograd
Date - 14/11/2017
City - Wien

- Composition: Opera, Musical, and Special Message

(1) Act 1: The Opera

-This stunning opera celebrates the birth of Jesus and captures the joy and hope, His mere presence brings to our lives. We all know well what the origin of Christmas is. Christmas had begun in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. We hope that all the audience meet the miracle of the life through enjoying the spectacular stage that deals with the story of Jesus’ birth. A priceless gift given from God to mankind.

(2) Act 2: The Musical

-It has taken on several forms throughout the years. The heart-warming stories like ‘Anna the Matchstick Girl’ and a remake of the classic tale ‘The Gift of the Magi’.
-While both are different in plot and character, there are two things that bind them together. The depiction of the love of family and what we should hold as truly important. As well as the cherished Christmas carols and original music we use to tell our stories.

(3) Message
The Christmas message spreads the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ. In IYF there are lots of well-known lecturers who have given mind lectures to the people and especially to the youths all over the world. One of them delivers the special message about the true meaning of Christmas through the birth of Jesus Christ.

(4) Performances

-You will be stunned not only by the musical but also by other performances we have prepared. The entertaining dances of the official dance group of the Christmas Miracle, ‘The Righteous Stars’ and classical stage with musical instruments, etc.
Their energy and harmony display a commitment to ensure that each performance succeeds providing many touching moments.

Hand-crafted. Powered by the Heart
• Stage props are handcrafted from top to bottom
• This performance is also hand-crafted by Volunteers in IYF to deliver truly ever so touching happiness to you and your loved ones.

Local and Global Outreach
• We select both beautiful and wonderful venues in the local areas, and the locations that are in need of a healthy dose of happiness and hope.

“During the cold winter, we present you with the Christmas Miracle that is filled with Happiness!”