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If you have filled in your application form, please send it via email latest until the 28th of April, 2016 to iyfgerman@gmail.com.
During the first workshop, 28th April~ 1st May, 2016 we want to get to know each other and we are going to answer some important questions.
In additional workshops the volunteer work with all its questions, expectations and worries will be discussed in detail.
Important issues like visa, flight ticket, insurance and other preparations needed will be mentioned. Concrete details and the work schedule you are going to receive on site during your Orientation Days.
Depending on help needed, what you are good at or what you like to try to do, the schedule will be decided.
After your arrival at Delhi Airport, you will spend your day in New-Delhi with sight-seeing and get your first impression of India.
The next day you are going to enjoy a must see of India, Taj Mahal. In the evening you are going to travel by train to Hyderabad, where you will arrive the next day in the afternoon.
After two Orientation Days your volunteer time can finally begin.
At the end of the second week the Exchange part is going to start.
During this part, you are going to meet Indian students, live in host families and introduce your culture to the Indian youth. Our focus will be on Exchange – Educationally, mentally and culturally.
Sight-seeing – Feeling India with all your senses! The country with the most intelligent people – See, touch, smell and hear their culture.
Volunteer Work – True happiness is helping other people! Exchange your youth for their heart!
Homestay – How do Indian people live in real life? How do they sleep? What do they eat? Experience an average Indian day and discover the “secrets” of an Indian daily life in your host family.
Eurasia Camp – Share the world of heart and mind, you learned during the workshops with the Indian people and introduce your home country at our Eurasia Camp. Talk about your culture shock, the differences you noticed during your stay and what you have learned and accepted.