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The solution to all issues faced by today's rapidly transforming global society, requires collective global concern and resources towards the training and promotion of talented individuals with upright values and proper character. IYF holds international events such as the World Cultural Camp and character education programs that have changed youth around the world, and has therefore garnered the attention and support of national governments and education leaders. Furthermore, the 1st Meeting Asia - Eurasia Youth Exchange Program in 2016 will serve as a venue for young people with different character, education, culture and background to meet and learn from each other.
- Volunteer social work to gain first hand experiences and impressions of their daily life
- Learning and sharing the different education, mind sets and values
- expanding physical and mental limits and collecting unforgettable memories
- providing volunteer work for anyone, which is neither expensive nor requires special qualifications,
nor requires a long period for application and preparation
- Pursue mutual development between universities and build a global system of cooperation.