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Good News Corps Overseas Volunteers is a volunteer activity began with the name of ‘Overseas Field
Experience’ in 2002 and launched in 2005 with the current name.
After completing a required training based on the spirit of Christianity, the Good News Corps dispatches the GNC
Overseas Volunteers to host countries for 11 months. They do many kinds of activities such as free academies
(computer, piano, Taekwondo, dance, English, Korean Class, etc) for the natives of that country. They also
partake in cultural exchange and perform missionary work that allows volunteers to play a role as an unofficial
beyond a wall of culture with natives. Here they challenge new environments and learn strong
minds and humble personalities, which is necessary for future leaders to have.
Good News Corps Overseas Volunteers is
the training youth to set the goal of life and establish values, set strong mind to overcome hardship and a lot of temptations from surroundings through the Christianity faith. At the same time, does real volunteer work to plant hope in other’s heart.
Activity Vision
Promote Global leader equipped International Field Sensation based on diverse experience of field, language and culture! Take an active part in international community activity to unite and develop human societies!