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With the IYF Camps being held worldwide, many young people are developing into the leaders of the future through the exchange of culture and the nurturing of the mind. They are working to change the world into a place that is more beautiful.

The 2016 IYF Korea Camp is not only entertainment for those who have curiosity in Korea, following the Korean Fever that had swept through the world, but it is an opportunity to indulge yourself in the culture and emotions of Korea in the centre of Europe, Mainz.

Korea Camp is organised to not only allow you to feel Korea but participate in the world class performances and lectures through the invitation of Korea’s best choir and Korea’s best Mind Lecturer, Reverend Ock Soo Park. Furthermore, through a variety of programs, it is a vital chance to learn about Korea and open a chapter of cultural exchange, all in a very short time.

“Come into Korea”

I ensure you that the four days of this Camp will be a setting that will help you to flourish into leaders of the next generation with by grasping a robust, global mind through experiencing a new culture and a new chapter in your life.